Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising on Google

Looking for leads within 30 days? Google AdWords is your golden ticket to making that happen for your business.

However, when it comes to Pay Per Click campaigns, most people trust either themselves or big marketing companies, that’s not always the smartest move.

Here at S&C Digital Solutions, we approach Google AdWords campaigns differently. Instead of locking you into a contract and delivering a mediocre ROI, we offer month-to-month campaigns with returns ranging from 500% to 1200%.

We’ve successfully managed AdWords campaigns across various industries including Tree Services, Roofing Services, Concrete Contractors, Landscaping, and more.

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How Does PPC Marketing Work?

PPC advertising operates on a keyword-driven approach. Services like AdWords assign value to various search terms based on factors like search volume, difficulty, and competition level. The more advertisers vying for a specific keyword, the higher its price.

Platforms such as Google’s homepage offer limited slots for PPC advertising, necessitating a competitive battle for visibility. Advertisers can’t merely outbid others to enhance their ad prominence.

PPC ads, including Google’s, undergo ad auctions, where search engines assess their relevance and validity on SERPs. A good Quality Score is crucial to improving ad position and reducing cost per click (CPC).

Achieving a good Quality Score entails relevance to target demographics, valuable keywords, high click-through rates (CTRs), and directing prospects to SEO-optimized landing pages.

Lacking the time for a PPC audit and campaign launch? Trust our PPC management company to handle the technical aspects for you.

Leverage Pay Per Click Marketing and Take Advantage of Consumer Search Opportunities

At S&C Digital Solutions, we’re recognized as a trusted authority in pay-per-click internet marketing. Our pay-per-click advertising company collaborates with diverse industry leaders and marketing experts to elevate their lead generation efforts, enhance brand visibility, and achieve their objectives.

Over the years, our pay-per-click marketing firm has honed its expertise in understanding what PPC is, how it operates efficiently for various stakeholders, and what it takes to secure online success. If you’re still uncertain about whether pay-per-click is the ideal advertising model for your company, our PPC management firm stands ready to offer guidance and support.

Discover the power of PPC and unlock countless opportunities to elevate your business. Kickstart your pay-per-click campaign today with the guidance of Thrive’s team of pay-per-click internet marketing experts.

Growth Focused

At S&C Digital Solutions, we deliver a steady influx of new customers, allowing you to concentrate on expanding your team.


Our marketing approach revolves around ensuring a rapid return on your investment.

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We're not your typical SEO Company. We meticulously select time-tested strategies and proven marketing tactics to fuel the growth of your business.

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Build your business brand online with your very own mobile-friendly website.

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Websites are just the beginning! Boost calls and elevate your brand by unlocking the potential of your Google Maps listing.

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Swiftly generate valuable local leads by leveraging our proven strategies to target your ideal customers in your community.

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Rapidly generate new customer leads by utilizing our proven ads to target your ideal customers on social media.

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