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About S&C Digital Solutions

At S&C Digital Solutions, our approach to digital marketing goes beyond mere website ranking improvements; we’re focused on enhancing your overall business profitability. This commitment distinguishes us within our industry.

We place great value on our team, investing in their continuous training and skill development as our most precious resource. Our aim is to cultivate a culture at Sandcleads Digital that transcends being just an agency, transforming it into both a lifestyle and a mindset

Meet The Founder

Our commitment at S&C Digital Solutions is to ensure the success of every business we collaborate with, reaching a point where they never want to part ways.

We distinguish ourselves as more than just an ad agency throwing money around; we are a strategic digital marketing company dedicated to making S&C Digital Solutions a dominant force in local markets.

If you’re ready to outshine your competitors and cease losing business, let’s have a conversation and start working on dominating your market together.

Stasiu Sliva

Founder S&C Digital Solutions

Digital Marketing Solutions to Help You Soar

Ready to elevate your business? Let S&C Digital Solutions propel your B2B or B2C venture to new heights with our tailored blend of top-notch SEO, paid advertising, web design/development, and creative services.

Our History

We’re a family-owned company deeply dedicated to our clients’ success. Our long-term relationships with clients show the quality and care we bring to every project. As a relationship-focused firm, we offer cost-effective outsourced marketing solutions. With clear reporting and full transparency, our clients have complete control. We never rent websites or channels.

My journey started with fresh challenges, but this time they were embraced. Helping local businesses with SEO and website conversions was rewarding. Delivering clear ROI made a significant impact. Recognizing some businesses needed alternatives, we explored Reputation & Referral Management, Social Media Marketing, and Lead Management and more.

Now, with a skilled team, we offer custom internet marketing solutions. We’ve learned which strategies work best for different businesses, ensuring targeted campaigns.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Steven Stetson

President and Medical Director

"He is meticulous... goal oriented"

I’ve had the good fortune of working with Stasiu Sliva over the last year, and I can tell you that he is meticulous, thorough, transparent and goal oriented. He is particularly adept at tailoring PPC, SEO and other lead gen products to suit your needs and budget. I am confident you will find him to be a pleasure to work with just as I have.

Adrian Sandoval

CEO – Mobile Blasting

"Blessed to be partners with him"

Stasiu Sliva it’s a great asset to our company. His work and leads are top of the line jobs when it comes to our services we cover a lot ground in Colorado. With him we are ranked #1 all the time in the areas we cover. If you’re looking to use his services, he’s worth it all the way could not do without him. He’s honest and flexible to the point. Blessed to be partners with him.

Maria Rodriguez

Founder and CEO

"Delivers results"

Stasiu Sliva’s meticulous approach and commitment to results have transformed our digital marketing. His expertise in PPC, SEO, and lead generation has boosted our online visibility and bottom line. Highly recommended for anyone seeking top-notch digital marketing solutions.



S&C Digital Solutions offers a comprehensive range of internet marketing, web design, web development, and creative services tailored to both B2B and B2C enterprises of all sizes. While we excel in managing intricate SEO campaigns and paid search, we’ve also developed innovative internal platforms and processes to deliver top-notch, customized, responsive websites and internet marketing campaigns for small businesses.

Apart from providing industry-leading services, S&C Digital Solutions is distinguished by an unmatched delivery approach. We pride ourselves on our transparent and collaborative business style, superior account management, focus on delivering tangible results, and a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals committed to delivering exceptional customer service.


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